Nov 07 2014

The Install And Test Windows 10 Videeos with RR

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The Install And Test Windows 10 Videeos with RRMicrosoft will soon launch Windows 10!

There are a lot of improvements in Windows 10, and undoubtedly it will entice many corporations, power users and almost anyone else using Windows 8 to upgrade. They have taken the best features of Windows 8 (I know, I know) and Windows 7 and created a new, fantastic operating system.

In this 4-part video series I will show you how to get Windows 10 Demo set up right now!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

-How to sign up to get Windows 10 Developers preview
-How to set up a virtual machine
-How to tweak your virtual machine for best results
-How to install Windows 10 in the virtual machine
-Some usage tips for Windows 10
-and lots more…

Get Your Videos Package – Click Here!

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