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Sep 30 2011

350 Self Help Tips And Tactics with MRR

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In this unique package, you’ll receive a set 7 reports in 7 different topics, all targeted to helping YOU improve your life. Just imagine having a more happier life where you’re attracting more of the things you want in your life.

Each report details 50 tips and tactics you can use right now. Don’t worry, you won’t have to read a 100+ page book. Each tactic is easy to digest.

With today package you’ll get:

  • 7 single Reports
  • 7 single Salespages
  • The All-In-One Salespage
  • All Graphics
  • Master Resale Rights

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Sep 23 2011

The Consultation Riches Videos with MRR

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Secret Consulting Riches is a step-by-step system to jumpstart your consulting business that generates big paydays!

Understand that being a consultant is a self-employed business, and that means you’re depending on your own time and effort. But with my system, you will leverage your time and effort in exchange for high returns, earn more bang for the buck… all with less time and less effort!

Here’s A Sneak Peak Into My Course…

  1. Introduction to Your Consulting Business
  2. Determine Your Skills / What You’re Good At
  3. Research Your Market and Competition
  4. Brainstorming: Figuring Out Your Services
  5. Create an Outline and Create Your Services
  6. Create and Setup Your Websites
  7. Prelaunching Phase – How to Build Curiosity
  8. Marketing: Find Out Where Your Clients Are Hiding

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Sep 16 2011

The Back To School 2011 PLR Package

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With this Back To School Sale, you’re getting $270 worth of products for just $10. To take advantage of this offer click on the Get Your PLR Package button below…

As a special bonus I include the complete salespage with countdown & additional graphics in your package. It’s up to you to use and resale the 10 products in single packages or as a bundle.

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Sep 09 2011

The Rapid Success Blast Videos with MRR

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Rapid Success Blast this is how you can finally create a stream of passive income! This is the perfect way to get revenge on all those marketing gurus who want to sell you $1,997 courses over and over.

The 10-Part Video Course dealing foremost with changing your mindset to get you into the “I CAN MAKE MONEY on the internet” mode.

Inside you’ll find:

  1. Overcome The Hidden Barriers
  2. Increase My Income By 94%
  3. Make Sales Under A Budget
  4. The Inferiority Complex
  5. Get Paid Like An Expert
  6. Two Steps To Quick Profits
  7. Jumpstart Your Success
  8. Millionaire Mindset Infusion
  9. Draw Money Like A Magnet
  10. Creating A Motivation Drive

Bonus #1: 1 Hour Report Condenser
Bonus #2: Interview With Ryan Parenti
Bonus #3: Outsourcing Secrets Video

And you get the complete reseller resources and Master Resale Rights!

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Sep 02 2011

30 WordPress Mastery Videos with MRR

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With the “30 WordPress Mastery Videos” Package, you’ll receive instant access to a comprehensive set of THIRTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important aspects of WordPress.

Please check out the sales page to see the titles of the 30 videos. With the included Master Resale Rights you can sell it too and get 100% of the profit!

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