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Aug 27 2010

Article Marketing Profits – 10 Videos with MRR

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In this comprehensive, step-by-step report and video course, you will learn everything there is about leveraging on the might of well-written articles to give that steroid jab to your marketing efforts! Tactics and strategies of article marketing you will learn include:

  • The reasons why article marketing is a highly favored tool of marketers
  • One negative trait you have to vanquish if you want to successfully create loads of red hot articles
  • Key word research and powerful, free keyword tools that will help you to easily grab your audience’s attention by the eyeballs
  • Having Google’s keyword tool churn out ultra targeted, lucrative keywords in just a few simple steps!
  • How the LSI system works to pick out your articles and some simple tricks to increase your LSI density
  • Why the length of your article really does not matter at all
  • Simple, straightforward ways to create a winning title that will pull in prospects like bees to honey!
  • The four letter word which will help you sculpt a body that entices and hypnotizes the reader into reading further!
  • The common mistakes people make while submitting their articles to article directories
  • Why using PLR material to create articles may have a detrimental effect on them…
  • And much, much more!

Grab Your 1 Hour Audio & Video Course with Master Resell Rights:

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Aug 20 2010

The Self Publishing Revealed 11 Videos with RR

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Ready For The Kudos & Huge Profitability Of Being A Published Author?

The Self Publishing Revealed course has been produced to blow away the cloud of mystique that surrounds self publishing and show you how anyone can publish a book literally in just a few hours!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished writer, you will be able to very easily publish your own books. Of course, publishing these books brings you additional income. Publish multiple books and you can create many different streams of income.

Hundreds of people use this system every week and earn a great income from it. Some people have built 6 figure incomes from this source… and there’s nothing stopping you from being one of them!

By now, you are curious what you will learn in your step by step video course…

Video 1 – Introduction
Video 2 – What’s Selling Now?
Video 3 – Creating Your Book
Video 4 – Formating Your Book
Video 5 – Using Createspace
Video 6 – Proof Reading
Video 7 – Building A List
Video 8 – Promoting Your Book
Video 9 – Offline Marketing
Video 10 – Cash In On Your Book
Video 11 – Summary

Grab Your Course with FREE RR – Click Here!

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Aug 13 2010

Instant Cash Tweets Package with Bonus and PLR

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Stuff Daily Cash Into Your PayPal Account With These Highly Targeted Pre-Written Instant Commission Grabbing Twitter Tweets!

So Exactly What are Instant Cash Tweets? In short, Instant Cash Tweets are pre-written messages especially designed for use on Twitter. But they go a step farther than that.

Instant Cash Tweets are written specifically to generate interest in targeted affiliate products that will pay you commissions on each sale. But that’s still not all… Instant Cash Tweets promote only products that Pay Sales Commissions INSTANTLY to YOUR PayPal Account. It Really is Simple as That…

Here’s a List of Tweet topics – Each Set Includes Sources for High Profit Affiliate Products That Will Pay to YOUR PayPal Account!

  • 17 Tweets for Various List Building Products
  • 8 Tweets for Various Ecover Creator Softwares
  • 23 Tweets for Various Facebook Marketing Products
  • 10 Tweets for Various Foxfire Training Products
  • 11 Tweets for ‘Graphics Expert in a Box’
  • 11 Tweets for Various Local Marketing Products
  • 6 Tweets for ‘How To Seeker’
  • 16 Tweets for ‘Salespage CMS’
  • 5 Tweets for ‘Twitter Traffic Mastery’
  • 17 Tweets for Various Survey Creator Products
  • 19 Tweets for Various WordPress Products

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Aug 06 2010

Building Big Email Lists Like The Big Dogs with MRR

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Massive eMail Lists = Massive eMail Profits. Here’s How To Build Yours…

Are You Tired of struggling to generate *Trickles* of traffic that hardly convert? Forget traffic generation. Build an email list and Crank Out Profits for life!

This 5 Part Video Training Program is going to get you moving toward building lists just like the big dogs starting today. Tomorrow you will have your first subscriber and within 30 days, you will start seeing your list explode with new leads.

Think about this. If you can add just 15 leads per day (which is simple) to your e-mail list, you will have an e-mail list of over 5,000 people in less than a year! That’s 5,000 people that have already shown interest in you and your business that you can promote offers to!

If your thinking “Well, 15 leads a day still sounds like a lot for me to add each day”, let me tell you, it’s easy! With the system you are about to get your hands on you will learn how you can harness the power of multiple promotion methods to build 15 leads a day extremely easily.

Grab Your Video Course Today – Click Here!

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